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When a soldier is sent off to fight for and protect America’s freedoms, it affects everyone connected to that soldier – family, friends, the local community, and by extension, the United States itself. And of course everyone waits for and celebrates that soldier’s triumphant return from duty, or comes together in support and honor of the ultimate sacrifice a soldier can make.

50 Back honors our American heroes by donating proceeds from sales of our beer to all those affected by our brave soldiers’ work. This includes active duty soldiers, soldiers wounded in the line of duty, scholarships for children of wounded or fallen soldiers, soldier’s families and spouses, even veterans paired up with dogs that are specially trained to assist with the physical and emotional needs of soldiers, and for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims.

Please support our cause and our brave men and women in the armed forces by reading more about our charities, suggesting other worthy charities, or donating now. And of course, by buying 50 Back beer.


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