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We want you to be involved as part of our Community. This section of our website is dedicated to all those affected by service, and we want to hear why the concept of 50 Back is important to you. We all have reasons to celebrate our troops and veterans and honor their service. Tell us your story, relay the story of a loved one, upload your thoughts and pictures, and share with the world why you want to give back to our troops and veterans. Because we are all in this together. This is for you. You are 50 Back.

Your Stories

Donald O’Hagan’s storyFebruary 28, 2012

Hello Ladies, I’ve been meaning to write to you’se guys. I tell every one I see about your approaching me with a sixpack of your beer. That you went out… READ MORE

Sean Prindle’s storyJuly 31, 2011

I am a proud American as well as a disabled veteran. In 2002, I graduated high school and many of my fellow classmates and friends joined the military. I, myself,… READ MORE

Cory Janko’s storyMay 31, 2011

I signed up in the Marine Corps in 1999, was in Okinawa when the Towers were hit, spent most of 2003 in Kuwait and Southern Iraq, I’ve been in the… READ MORE

Jammie Keane’s storyMay 23, 2011

On september 5, 2008 my cousin was killed in Iraq. He was on his second tour and was only 22. Ever since that day I have made it my mission… READ MORE

Thomas Harnett’s storyApril 6, 2011

I went to visit my Brother in Westboro Mass. I stopped off at a beer distributor and saw 50 Back. I love trying new beer and after reading your story… READ MORE

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