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“When I think of a hero, my very first thought is my father. He was truly an American hero in every sense of the word – brave Army veteran, courageous police officer, loyal husband and friend, and most of all an honest and gentle role model. I can think of no better hero than a man who must wear bravery, courage, and fearlessness as his armor, but can shed that armor to allow his inner tenderness to love and nurture his daughter. His love, intelligence, humor, and strength make me who I am today, and his heroism lives on in my heart.”

- Kimberly Rogers

“I truly believe that the United States of America is the greatest country on earth, and I feel most fortunate to be an American citizen. To those who serve in our military – past, present, and those who will serve in the future – please accept my sincere thank you! My hope is that 50 Back Brewing Company demonstrates to you, who are most deserving, that you are appreciated and that we consider you American heroes.”

- Paige B. Haley


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